Can Pregnancy Occur If? Myths Cleared Up

If there was a break for a few seconds only, a pregnant woman?
The bar at any time in direct contact with the vagina, there is a chance of pregnancy. Opportunity may not be as high as sexual intercourse with defamation has occurred, but there are still risks. The transfer of sexually transmitted diseases can also occur with any kind of skin contact with the skin like this.

Pregnancy can occur if women and men have dry Fu, sex or sex?
(This is when there is no breakthrough, but there is skin to skin contact of the genital area.) Once again, each time the penis and vagina in the area of communication, there is little chance of pregnancy and the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Is it possible for pregnant women with pre-defamation?
Pre-libel is that spills liquid of the bar before it is libel. Most men do not control, and may not feel like exit. This type of fluid in semen and can lead to pregnancy. This is part of the reason behind the withdrawal of contraceptive methods are not as effective as other methods.

Pregnancy can occur if the woman has no euphoria?
Yes, pregnancy can occur even if the woman has no orgasm. Orgasm is not related to egg fertilization.

Can sperm through clothing or material?
If the clothes completely saturated with semen and was in direct contact with a woman vagina, there is a very small chance the sperm could be used in the vagina, but this is highly unlikely. No convincing studies have led to a definitive answer to this possibility.

Can sex with a pregnant woman in the water?
If the actual sexual intercourse is going on in any form of water certainly the possibility of pregnancy. This is because sexual intercourse, sperm directly deposited in the girl's vagina and water on the outside of the body is not incompatible with the Convention.

Could happen if the pregnancy was happening landing in the water?
It is unlikely that low sperm can travel through large areas of water, which would be a major gap in the pool or hot bath basin to reach a solution girls in the vagina as a result of pregnancy. If the plain throwing warm water, sperm can survive for a few minutes. If the defamation is happening in very hot water, or water pond filled with chemicals, bubbles or other materials, sperm will not be able to survive for more than a few seconds. Pregnancy itself from the very unlikely in most cases and can not be at all.

This can occur from pregnancy with anal sex?
Pregnancy There can be no question of that law anal sex, but also because the opening of the vagina and anus are very close together, the opportunity could be diverted semen in the vagina and travel to fertilize an egg.

Can ejaculate on several occasions to reduce the chance of contraception?
The number of times ejaculation takes place does not affect the chances of pregnancy. Each includes throwing sperm about 300 million dollars, and there is only one egg fertilization.

Dead sperm Once it reaches the air? Oxygen is the killing of sperm?
No, this is a myth that many people believe, but this is not true! Once dry and piston of the dead sperm can not travel to fertilize an egg. Sperm can live for 3-5 days, if the warm, moist environment, such as a woman's womb. Sperm can not return to life after the dry, even though remoistened!

And wonder about the pregnancy, what should I do now?
I had just discovered that pregnancy is the possibility of your particularly in the circumstances. There is no need for concern, as noted, in most cases, the possibilities of pregnancy are rare. Your next step is to start the search for symptoms of early pregnancy. If you have any of these symptoms, will want to take a pregnancy test. You can test the counter, or you can contact the emergency services to the test center in your area.

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