Abortion Terms to Know

intentionally causing the manner in which the means or instruments or mechanical devices, securing the embryo or fetus will not survive. Automatic removal of the products of pregnancy due to natural causes, without interference, which occurs before the seeds can survive outside the womb. Medical use of drugs to terminate a pregnancy. Surgical instruments or the use of mechanical devices to terminate a pregnancy.

Blood: the case under pressure from the enlarged or natural or artificial.

Cannula, a long, open a plastic tube attached to the suction device.

Cervical cancer: open the door or the uterus

Currettage: the removal of tissue from the inside of the wall cavity with the spoon in the form of instruments (Scoop) can be used to the abnormal tissue, to obtain samples for screening and histological diagnosis, or abortion procedures.

Scoop: long metal rods, which fly in the form of a knife in the end, and is used to separate the undesirable withdrawal or tissue from other tissues.

Ectopic pregnancy: pregnancy grows Fallopian tube, instead of the uterus.

Scalpel: A tool that looks like a rod or a rod with blades used to absorb pressure and manipulation, and the application of traction, cutting, crushing or extraction.

Laminaria: Seaweed used for the expansion of the mantle of the uterus.

Sonogram / Ultrasound transabdominal - transformer on the skin of the abdomen, and the interaction with the gel soluble in water. Clinical applications include the identification intrauterin pregnancy, and locating the placenta, the fetus measure to the discretion of childbearing age, weight, and determine the volume of amniotic fluid. Transvaginal - adapter inserted into the vagina for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancies and molar and a deeper study of the fetus.)

Band: A Tool to expand in the human body and held open the vagina during pelvic exams and procedures.

Tenaculum: a tool to gain insight into the uterus to maintain and uterus during gynecological procedures.

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