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Abortion means ending the pregnancy, so this will not lead to the birth of a child. If a woman thinks she is pregnant, but had not done a pregnancy test, it must as soon as possible.

What is abortion legal?
In England, Wales and Scotland abortion is legal than 24 weeks of pregnancy if two doctors agree that it is necessary for the following reasons:

  • If the baby would harm women's mental or physical health of more than one miscarriage. This includes a woman tells how she feels about the pregnancy, a doctor.
  • If the baby would be harmful to the mental and physical health of children, even though. An abortion is legal at any time during the pregnancy if two doctors agree that:
  • The abortion is necessary to the life of the woman or prevent serious permanent injury to her physical or mental health or
  • There is a high risk that the baby will be seriously handicapped.

Note that the stage of pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the wife of the last period. Also keep in mind that different laws apply outside England, Wales and Scotland.

How can a woman for abortion?

To abortion of NHS, a woman must be referred by a doctor. This may be your own doctor, doctor or local family planning clinic or streaming Center (in 25s).

If the doctor has a moral opposition to abortion, but it should not be included. However, he or she should explain to their patients and to take action to another doctor.

It is important to act quickly. The earlier a woman decides to abortion, the easier it is to free NHS abortion. Although the normal legal limit for abortion is 24 weeks, it is usually easier to abortion of the NHS, as a woman under 12 weeks pregnant. There is on average 2-4 weeks of waiting for the NHS, so it is easier if a woman is less than 8 weeks pregnant.

Women may only apply to private abortion. Early abortions start around £ 450 and go up to £ 750, or higher, in the later stages. For more information on private abortions, visit our helpful organizations.

Once referred to NHS or private abortion, the woman should attend the consultation in the clinic. Her medical history will be taken, and the nurse or doctor will discuss what will happen.

Under 16s

Young women under 16 can have an abortion, but special rules apply for permission. Flow centers are used to see young people under 16 and may be confidential help.

How abortions are performed?
There are two main methods of early abortion:
  • Medical abortion (known as "abortion pill")
Medical abortion can be performed in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. It contains no operation. The woman gave the pill (mifepristone) and 36 to 48 hours later, tablet (prostaglandins) in her vagina. These two drugs end most early pregnancies within the next four hours. It feels like a very heavy and painful period.

This method is not available. Women should contact the referring doctor or this method is available on the NHS in their area.
  • Vacuum aspiration (also known as the "method of suktsio)
This method is available to 13 weeks of pregnancy. For this procedure, the woman was a general or local anesthesia. In the abortion is carried out through the vagina and is not terminated or seams. The cervix (the entrance to the uterus at the beginning of the vagina) is gently stretched to the pipe to pass through the uterus. After the tube is inserted, only takes a minute to pregnancy by suction. Healthy women take only an hour or so to recover and most go home the same day.

Methods used for later abortions, will depend on the stage of pregnancy. The exact procedure will be explained by a doctor or nurse for the abortion goes ahead.

With abortion should not affect a woman is able to have children in the future.

After abortion

Some women will bleed for several days after the abortion and may have a period of pain, such as pain. "Will be given advice on how to minimize the risk of infection. If bleeding or pain is severe or it has increased temperature or unusual vaginal course, you need a doctor as soon as possible as this could mean that the infection, the treatment.

The woman will have to go to the doctor about one to six weeks after the abortion to ensure that everything is in order.

It is possible to become pregnant again the first time after sex abortion, so that's a good idea to contraception sorted immediately.

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