Surgical Abortions

Using a type of abortion procedure is based on the time of conception are women. Before seeking a surgical procedure of abortion, it) if feasible, pregnancy (to determine ectopic pregnancy outside the uterus, you get a pregnancy test and ultrasound for the accurate dating of pregnancy We recommend. to find more information about abortion services and free ultrasound exams, call for help.

Hope aspiration:
Puncture aspiration is to do?

The suction aspiration abortion procedure, the first being 6-12 weeks during pregnancy. The technique is known as a vacuum suction aspiration.

And pain medicine in preparation for the abortion provider may give you misoprostol. Use the mirror on the back and feet in the stirrups, the position will be inserted to open the vagina. Has been given a local anesthetic into the cervix. Then, the cone-shaped bar extends to the cervix are used to hold the cervix with tenaculum. Cannula is connected to a suction device in a plastic tube long enough cervix is inserted into the uterus by suctioning the size, placenta and fetus. The procedure typically lasts 10-15 minutes, you need to stay in the clinic for several hours to recover.

Suction aspiration risk of side effects and how?

Common side effects following the procedure, most women, nausea, sweating and cramps, and experience, feeling faint.

Including the possibility of prolonging the bleeding and less frequent side effects, blood clotting, cervical, uterine perforation damage. Standard products for the preservation of the infectious disease caused by bacterial infection and pregnancy and the uterus, pain, scar tissue that can be introduced to cause fever and abdominal tenderness.
If the side effects immediately contact your health care provider, or worsen.

Expansion and curettage (D & C):
Dilation and curettage I do it?

Dilation and curettage, the surgical abortion procedure, the first is 12-15 weeks during pregnancy. Similar to the introduction of vacuum suction curette a dilation and curettage. Spoon, scrape the lining of the long, knife-shaped loop is the length of the fetus from the uterus and placenta. You may insert a suction tube in the final. This procedure is usually possible to stay in five-hour lasts 10 minutes.

And extend the risk of side effects and how curettage?

Except for side effects of suction aspiration and dilation and curettage, and will only increase the chance for perforation of the uterus, is described above.

Immediately if symptoms persist, please contact the medical provider, or worsen.

Expansion and evacuation (D & E):
And evacuation is extended to them?

Expansion of the evacuation procedure and abortion have been 15-21 during the week of pregnancy. In most cases, 24 hours, when the actual procedure to insert a dilator PUROBAIDAKONBU and synthesis in the uterus of abortion. How, when the start of the next day, your provider, place the cone cervical abortion, clamp to keep the uterus in tenaculum has been used to continue the expansion process of increasing the size of rod-like .

Distance of the cannula, is inserted to start the removal of tissue from the lining. Using a spoon, the lining is to remove the residual theft. If necessary, you may be used to remove a large portion of forceps. The final step is the ultimate aspiration is to be removed completely to normal.

Instructions, usually about 30 minutes. Some clinics may proceudre run, it usually is set to run at high risk for complications in hospitals. Usually, we are considering to ensure all of the fetal remains were removed to abortion has been completed.

And extend the risk of side effects and what evacuation?

Common side effects for most women, the bleeding has included the following: nausea may cramp the week. In rare cases, however, the additional risk associated with the evacuation and the extension of the following: the cervix and endometrium, uterus, perforation of the damage of infection is blood clotting.

Immediately if symptoms persist, please contact the medical provider, or worsen.

Induced abortion:
Induced abortion is performed?

Guidance, saline solution to end the survival rate of abortion, urea, potassium chloride using the procedure. Your provider will be administered intravenously to abortion vaginal prostaglandins and Pitocin is inserted. Kelp is usually inserted to start the expansion of the cervix. This procedure is rare and usually only when used, occurs when the fetus or the woman of the disease and medical problems.

What side effects of induced abortion?

Side effects and extended the evacuation, which is similar to the injection of saline or other drugs by mistake is rare that the mother's bloodstream. You may also experience excessive bleeding and cramps.

Immediately if symptoms persist, please contact the medical provider, or worsen.

Extraction and expansion:
To perform the extraction and expansion?

Pregnancy and the expansion of extraction method is used after 21 weeks. Of D & X procedure, intact D & X, is known as partial-birth abortion and intrauterine cranial decompression. Step two days ago, has been inserted into the vagina to dilate the cervix kelp. Your water broke the first three days are not, should be returned to the clinic. Rotated and forceps to grasp the fetus through the birth canal feet are used to pull the shoulder and arm. It is made to allow the suction catheter into a small incision in the skull base. Catheter is removed the substance of the brain, the skull to collapse. After the baby is completely removed.

Whether it is related to the expansion and the removal of side effects and risks?

Evacuation is the same as an extension of side effects. However, it has increased the opportunity for additional emotional problems for further development of the fetus.

Immediately if symptoms persist, please contact the medical provider, or worsen.

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