False Positive Pregnancy Test

If you use a home pregnancy test and two lines (or a plus sign, depending on brand and type of test), you must assume that means you are pregnant. Because home pregnancy tests claim an accuracy of over 99%. But if you have no time for all parents or pregnancy website, you've probably seen a person claims to have a positive test to find out later it was a false positive. How can this be true, a 99% accuracy, and yet women are entitled to a false positive. There are several reasons why a woman can produce a positive result on a pregnancy test a house if they do not become pregnant.

1. Tests

Tests may lead to false positive results. When a home pregnancy test, it is very important to arrive before the test. Your home pregnancy test instructions if test results should be interpreted as a test and the results are no longer valid. Some tests will be a weak positive test result read after the instructed time. You should have a clock or a clock and take the time you test and read results on instructional time. Guess how long it has been conducting the tests may lead to false results. Three minutes, but like twenty minutes, and conversely, if you will be very interested to find out whether you expect.

Another problem that often arises when the test goes back to "verify" your results. Disappointed with a negative result at 3 minutes (or 5 minutes apart, depending on test), a woman can return again to see if they could not see that for the first time positively. Some women will go so far as to dig this test from the trash "just to be safe." This is probably one of the biggest causes of false positive results. Home pregnancy tests must always be read at the appointed time for accurate results.

2. Evaporation Rate Lines

Some home pregnancy tests were taken by women with an evaporation line. If you stare at and inspect a home pregnancy test close, it is possible for some tests to see how the test is. If the urine in the test runs can quickly change the color associated with the test, so women find the test even more. To try to be positive should change color and have a colored line on the sample can be determined. In some tests, you will be able to see what best describe as a watermark, similar to how you respond to a U.S. Dollar bill, when in light. If there is no color, or you have to grossly manipulate light to monitor a line, it could be an evaporation line. Repeat in a few days or a digital tests is recommended.

3. Home pregnancy test interference

Certain medications such as phenothiazine, the test results. Women hCG therapy in the treatment of luteal phase defect, or other fertility problems should consult their doctor at home, the accuracy of pregnancy and study of tests carried out. Sometimes the urine may be associated with blood or gross amount of the protein leads to erroneous results.

4. Certain diseases can cause false positive results.

If you have a positive outcome from a home pregnancy test, it is important to follow up with your doctor for medical advice. Although not common, certain rare diseases can cause a positive result on a home pregnancy test. Certain types of cancers such as choriocarcinoma (an extremely rare form of cancer normally in the womb) may be an increase in hCG levels, and certain forms of breast, ovarian or testicular cancer leading to a false positive result.

5. Faulty pregnancy test

Expired or bad test home pregnancy tests can also lead to false positive results. Always check the expiration date before the test to ensure accurate results. Remember that even with the highest quality control, sometimes flawed testing can occur.

If you are positive and are in doubt about the results of home pregnancy tests, contact your doctor.

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