What is the cheapest home pregnancy test kit?

After extensive research, we have found some real bargains for you (these rates were current as at 31 December 2006):

  • the cheapest single test kit was the First Response (urine collection) tester, for $5.65 at PaknSave;
  • the cheapest double test kit was the Quickstick (urine collection) tester, for $13.95 at Baby4You (see link below) - this gives a per tester rate of $6.98;
  • for a real bargain, check out the triple (3) tester kits - we found two of these;
  • Quickcard (urine collection) triple tester for $15.95 from Baby4You, giving a per unit rate of $5.32.
  • First Response (urine collection) triple tester for $11.99 at PaknSave, giving a per tester rate of $3.99.

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