Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy complications are difficult events, or happenings, that can take place in different phases of a pregnancy. Some actually happen after you give birth. Many times, they are unpredictable. Knowing all possible risk factors that may apply to your own health during your pregnancy is a surefire way to help prevent possible complications.

Placenta previa is a rare, but serious condition that can occur. This is when the cervix is blocked by the placenta. It can be harmful to both mother and child. There are a variety of problems that you can encounter while pregnant. Some are related to genetics; such as Trisomy, and others in which can be treated if detected early enough. Iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy is a pregnancy complication that should be tested starting from your first prenatal visit, and continue on throughout. Anxiety during pregnancy is a common complication that can start as early as conception.

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