Bleeding After Sex

After having sex with this new guy I'm seeing, I bleed. It freaks us both out. He feels like it's totally his fault, but I don't know what really is the cause of this. He does have a big penis, but it hasn't been the biggest one I've had. We did have rough sex, but this has never happened to me before. The bleeding was more like spotting, but my period just ended, so I don't think it has to do with that. Why do I keep bleeding after we have sex?

There are many reasons why you might bleed after sex. It could be from having rougher sex than normal. Are you using a lubricant? Rough sex can explain the bleeding. In fact, there are many, many reasons you could be bleeding. Some of them are easily treated, such as vaginal dryness, but it also could be a sign of something more serious, like an STD or uterine fibroids. I am sorry I can’t be more help, but the only way of knowing for sure is to go and see your doctor. I suggest you make an appointment with gynecologist and see him or her as soon as possible to figure out what is going on and put your mind at ease.

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i have sex with my boyfriend last june18 after we sex i notice that i was bleeding and many blood was release..1 day after a little blood was release of me..its just a few seconds..me and my boyfriend are unprotected that time...am i get pregnant?...after that happened?..pls help me..

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