Toileting Your Baby

Up until my 6th baby they all wore cloth and disposable diapers. With number six I heard about “diaper-free” babies, and I was curious. I read a little about it, and decided to try it. I found out that I had to keep a close watch on the baby and whenever she wet or dirtied I should say a cue word, and put her on the toilet or pot. I should become familiar with her signals that she would make when she was about to go. Eventually she would come to associate the cue word with the action, and would go when I told her to, after noticing her signal. I found I just had not the time to watch her. Every time I stopped watching she would go, then when I came back it was too late. So I gave up.

Before I had number seven I read another book about it, and noticed that I could try putting him on the toilet as soon as he woke up, which is often a time that babies need to go. I read an article by another relaxed mother, who said she keeps diapers on her babies, but puts them on the toilet whenever they poop, saying the cue word at the same time. I determined to give it another try. When he was little it was just too much, although I did manage to catch a few poops, and say the cue words when I noticed him eliminating. At four months old I started holding him over the toilet when he woke up, and whenever I saw he was thinking about a poop. I had four successes the first day! He seemed to know that when I held him in that position he should try to eliminate, and would usually grunt and strain as soon as I held him over the toilet. Now, at 8 months, he goes on the toilet every morning, and during the day if I notice that he needs to go. It is not saving a whole lot of diapers, but I am hopeful that he will toilet train a lot earlier than my other babies (who were between 2 and 2 ½ years old).

The position I hold him in is with his back leaning against my body, with my hands around his thighs, so he is in a squatting position. From here I try to aim his elimination into the toilet. I plan on introducing the potty soon, but will keep him on the toilet also, as going in there helps to familiarise him with the place, and make him feel comfortable and normal about going there.

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