Vaginal discharge - when the fertile days?

The menstrual cycle a woman is accompanied by other measures entering a vaginal discharge.

Menstruation is a woman accompanied by various physical symptoms - including a vaginal discharge. This vaginal discharge is normal and allows the woman in detail, careful observation even deduce their fertile days. In the days around ovulation, which is roughly in the chronological middle of the cycle, so far the clear, inconspicuous outflow stronger and changed its color and consistency to the onset of menstruation in a creamy white. What amount of mucus in a woman finds her panty liner or perceives is different from organism to organism.

Cervical mucus does not smell, reminiscent of egg white
The most important part of the cycle-related discharge of cervical mucus is the so-called cervical mucus. It gives women a reference to the fertile days. During the fertile period, the cervical mucus and liquid flows down to the vagina, a phenomenon that is used by some women even clearly perceived. The cervical mucus is reminiscent of consistency of egg whites and pulls strings, he also feels oily and slippery.
The cervical mucus is not accompanied by itching and burning and smells normal.

Sperm-cervical mucus need to survive
In the first days of menstrual bleeding is not yet drawn cervical mucus - the possibility of becoming pregnant is so extremely low, because the sperm need mucus to survive. Since the cervical mucus consistency and its optimal quantity but a few days before ovulation begins to build, is already the possibility of becoming pregnant. For several days in the cervical mucus sperm are viable and can wait for such a protected entry point.

If symptoms smelly discharge necessarily Doctors
Separates the vagina from a lot of unusual vaginal discharge, this can be annoying and uncomfortable for the woman, but need not necessarily mean that a disease is present.

It may be the cause of the increased discharge and irritation to the vaginal environment - caused by too much about personal hygiene, stress or too sugary diet. include a treatment with vaginal suppositories, the lactic acid bacteria, the vaginal environment can move back into balance. Does the discharge but associated with burning, itching and odor or has a greenish, brownish or red color, a gynecologist should be sought, since a strong suspicion of parasites, a fungal infection, bacterial infection or a sexually transmitted disease exists.

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