Ovulation Cramps

Fourteen days after the menstrual cycle is over, eggs are released from the ovary and this phase is known as ovulation. A woman can know about her ovulation from various ovulation symptoms that may develop in her body. One of the most important ovulation symptoms is developing a cramp in the body. There will be some pain due to cramp and it will mainly occur in the abdominal region of the woman. The duration of this pain may vary across different patients and it may last for few hours to two days.

If the abdominal pain occurs and if it is found to be continuing, then you can follow some natural remedies which can give you relief from the pain. First of all, when ovulation symptoms develop, one may feel that the urge to drink water has gone down to a great extent. So, one can feel quite relieved by taking eight or ten glasses of water everyday. Water will keep the body well hydrated which will give the woman a great relief from cramp pain.

If you have got heating pads at home, you can also make well use of that. Just place the heating pad for no more than 15 minutes in the abdomen. Slowly you will feel that the pain from the cramp is going down. You will feel a soothing effect at the place of the pain.

There is no reason to get worried if you do not have heating pad at home. You can sit in a tub filled with warm water and take hot water bath.

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