How long does it take to feel better after an abortion?

After the procedure, the person will be taken to a recovery room where the IV medicine will start to wear off. In the recovery room, she might feel a bit light-headed, dizzy, and sleepy for an hour or so. While she's there, a nurse will check to see that she is having a normal amount of vaginal bleeding. When she feels up to it, she can go home.

If the person getting the abortion has a blood type that's Rh-negative (such as A negative or AB negative), she must get a shot of Rhogam (a substance the keeps the person's body from developing antibodies to a fetus that has Rh-positive blood) before she leaves the clinic or hospital. This is very important, because girls and women with Rh-negative blood can have problems with future pregnancies. Getting the Rhogam shot will help to ensure healthy future pregnancies. That is why a doctor will always check a person's blood type before an abortion.

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