Pregnancy Test Kit for Home

The first pregnancy test is easy to be done at home, than going to the doctor each time you get any symptoms of pregnancy. The task is made easy by the kit to test yourself of pregnancy.

Pregnancy test is what that will confirm whether you have conceived. Most women around the world are at a greater risk of ill reproductive health than anything else. Women, who are in the age group of 16-48 years, have lesser threats from diseases like tuberculosis, or respiratory infections or heart diseases. This is because women have risks that come with their pregnancy. There can be risks of childbirth, unsafe abortions and the like. Women are very prone to sexually transmitted diseases (or STDs), infections in reproductive tracts. As soon as you get symptoms of early pregnancy you must conduct a pregnancy test on yourself to be sure of it.

If you are tested positive by the pregnancy test there is a long way for you to go. The dedication of government, towards the voluntary, informed and the consent of citizens as they avail health care when they are pregnant, is affirmed by the National Population Policy (India), in the year of 2000. the government also have taken initiative to help the women in their family planning.

The MOHFW or the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has introduced a pregnancy test kit (Nishchay) which is home based. They not only target to promote the pregnancy test home based kit, but also is an access point to family planning services. It sought to help the women who are looking for good and reliable RCH and FP services. There are certain important factors of concern that are addressed by these home based pregnancy test kit Nischay. They are:

* Due to a late detection a low percentage of women start ANC in their first trimester.
* Contraceptive Provision (IUD/Pill) not adopted at the right time, even after deciding not to go for any more issues.
* A high percentage of abortions take place which may be life threatening, as the detection of pregnancy was late.

Nischay, the home based pregnancy test kit helps the women to conduct the tests at home. This would also help the women to make good utilization of RCH and FP services. This pregnancy test kit is introduced in Indian states and the union territories. The first phase of the program was launched in ten states of high priority: Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Mehghalay.

The demand generation of this home based pregnancy test kit is done through the platform of mass media. A lot of other forms of media like folk songs, dramas, dance dramas, and education are used as a tool to market this pregnancy test kit. The rural women have started realizing the benefits of early detection of their pregnancy, and thus this kit is hugely gaining popularity. Even the health care officers and doctors find it easy to offer treatment and guidance when the woman is detected as being pregnant in the initial stages.

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1)- Very Reliable, Rapid Result and Provides greater privacy with Confidentiality.
2)- Highly convenient to Use.

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