Best Time and Days to Get Pregnant.

In order to calculate the days to get pregnant in a woman's cycle, we will have to find out when the woman is ovulating. In a perfect woman's cycle the woman ovulates on her 14th day after her period starts. However, this is theoretically. The 14th day is measured on a complete women's cycle of 28 days. If you take the pill, that figure will be correct, but without any anti-conception most women's cycles will last longer or shorter. The best time to get pregnant will be much more difficult to measure with an irregular cycle.

When is the best time to get pregnant then? There is a lot of writing about taking the temperature of your body to determine your ovulation day. But we all know how difficult that is and how unreliable those measurements can be.
When the woman's temperature rises about 0.8 degrees F, ovulation could occur within 24 hours. Because the body temperature to determine ovulation can be influenced by so many factors like: stress, action, sitting down and standing up, and etc., taking your temperature for ovulation is probably the worst method to stipulate the days to get pregnant in a woman's cycle.

A far more accurate way to know when the best times are to get pregnant, is to start child-wish.com program:
get pregnant fast, a unique method created by our head fertility expert, Yvonne Wilson.
It employs the use of a combination of two natural products. It doesn't matter if your current cycles aren't exact 28 days. The combination will control your hormonal balance so your cycles will be close to 28 days. Three dates for intercourse, given by Yvonne are enough to triple your chances of getting pregnant.

Be aware that the intercourse dates and times can be in the morning as well as in the evening, so making time to follow the method strictly, is necessary!

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