Effects of ambien and false pregnancy

Q : hi, i am 24 years old. i ve been having unprotected sex with my new partner for about 8 months off and on. My period is 3 weeks late and i have had irregular periods before so this wasnt really a surprise but i have had menstraul cramping for the past 3-4 weeks. i took 5mg of zolpidem to help me sleep last week thursday and on sunday i took a hpt and it was positive, i ve taken 3 more hpt just to be sure, they came back positive all 4 hpt. how long does zolpidem stay in ur system, how much can 1 dose of 5mg raise my hCG levels?... should i wait to take another hpt after more time has past? how likely am i really pregnant?
A : thanks for choosing health care magic.Missed period and positive test in most of cases indicates pregnancy.You may take that the test is false positive as you have taken zolpidem,but what about missed period which were regular ? so visit a doctor you might be pregnant.All 4 test can not be false positive.

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Edgar said...

This medication still worked after over 4 years of use, but since going off of it and sleeping naturally, I've discovered what the real thing, "sleep", actually feels like. Ambien's "sleep" was chemically induced. The difference between natural sleep and Ambien's artificial sleep is quite profound. Give me natural, sleep any time. Ambien also causes weight gain over time due to hang-overs that never improve and therefore result in sluggishness and a complete halt to the "spring-in-your-step".

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