False Pregnancy Test Results

Q : I haven t had my mentrual cycle since mid June. I had been taking Seasonale and have been told many people have had abnoraml cycles after stopping.I took multiple at home pregnancy tests, all of which were negative..beginning in August. I also took to two urine preg tests at my primary care office, which were neg. In addition, I have two blood tests (one in late november, and one in december, both neg.)I have been have all types of fluttering movements in my pelvic area, am constantly hot, and don t have much of an appetite. Is there truth to the hcg levels can vary and that it s possible for blood tests to not show positive after the first couple months when the hcg levels drop? I do not want to be pregnant,but I ve been having ongoing pregnancy symptons and justdon t know what else to do. Please respond. Despite all of these symptons, even more than I listed and unfortunately I have gained a great deal of weight after a serious car accident so although my stomach has grown, based on my excess weight,I don t know if its continued weight gain or something else...my primary is so dismissive about all I tell her,and simply says I am not...when will I believe it. I want to believe it but the only other time that I missed my cycle was when I was pregnant, and I don t want to be. I look forward to your response.
A : it is possible to test negative on both urine and blood tests and still be pregnant, although it is VERY rare... it can be caused by what is known as the prozone/hook effect where the hcg levels are SO high that the tests can not read the results. Documentation has shown that diluting the sample at 1:10 and 1:100 will should return a readable result. Another cause could be something called masking /interference. This is when the woman has antibodies to the hcg already circulating in her system which cause interference with the antibodies used in pregnancy tests and the horomone becomes hidden or undetectable. Some causes can be previous exposure to mice, rats, or hamsters, or b12 therapy an even a few other things which I have not researched more information on. It is likely that the confirmation or ruling out of a pregnancy will have to come by way of a manual exam and ultra sound. [I know about these things because I have experienced them first hand with my second pregnancy... 7 negative urine tests, 2 negative blood tests, and my internal exam was inconclusive, I couldn t be confirmed, but couldn t be discounted either. My Ultrasound is Monday and I m 3 months along... and showing. = ) ] You know your body, trust your instincts and look up information one the things I mentioned and take it with you to your doctor. If she still won t listen, find a new doctor and take it with you until someone does listen. Whether this is a wanted pregnancy or not, your health is just as important at the baby s and you will need ample time to make a decision as to whether to raise a child or place it for adoption. I wish you the best of luck. It s a very frustrating emotional roller coaster to ride without adding the flaws of science to it.

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