Are there any instructions following the embryo transfer procedure?

Once the embryos are transferred, there is really nothing a patient can do to influence the outcome of her cycle. Currently, there is no documented evidence as to whether either bed rest or continuing normal activities following the procedure make a difference in the outcome. One physician may encourage you to rest for twenty four hours where another may suggest returning to normal activities. Some patients elect to rest because it helps them feel like they are improving their chances, and it gives them an opportunity to reflect on the potential baby. Other women elect to return to normal activities because it helps them avoid worrying about the possibility that the procedure may not be successful. Along with the advice from your physician, your body and state of mind should serve as additional guides to determine whether you should rest and relax or return to normal activities.

As a reminder, there is no documented evidence that physical activity or diet has an impact upon embryo implantation or conception. Conception is a natural phenomenon which depends mostly upon the genetic quality of the eggs. Almost without exception, Nature will only allow genetically perfect embryos to survive in order to maximize the chances of the birth of a healthy baby.

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