Basal body temperature measuring method explained practically

A method to calculate the fertile days, which is so simple that it can be easily used by every woman at home, is the basal body temperature measurement method. It is used for natural family planning (and is not one hundred percent reliable), but may also wish to baby-planning can be used.

Under "basal" refers to the body temperature without physical stress, ie Sleep.
In the cycle of a woman has the typical basal body temperature fluctuations. From the end of menstruation until ovulation, the temperature is low, it falls back to ovulate again. After ovulation the basal body temperature rises, however, by up to 0.5 degree. Until the onset of the rules remains high temperature.
Through daily measurement of body temperature close to the time of ovulation. So you can see the optimum conception date.
Basal body temperature curve

The curve shows the course of a cycle from the first day without any bleeding until the end of the rule. Clearly visible is the temperature drop a few days ago and the rose-for ovulation.

How do I measure the basal body temperature?

writing for the recording of basal body temperature need something within reach on your nightstand, and a thermometer. To measure normal fever thermometers are unsuitable. Instead, you take a digital thermometer that displays two decimal places. Everything else is too vague.

You start a measurement cycle on the first Menstruationstag.

The measurement must be made after a long resting phase, at least five hours of sleep. Therefore, you measure the best in the morning, around the same time, the same body part and on as the same way (easiest oral) and still in bed, before you start your day, even before you speak. Every effort before getting up would distort the result.
The best thing is, you put your alarm clock so that you can measure your temperature at the same time.

The temperature reading is then recorded and entered as a point in a table. The individual items you are connecting with each other. Forget about you once a measurement, a gap remains in the table. The table also features should be noted about the use of alcohol, illness or taking medication. This can distort the temperature. Wear too, if you had sex with your partner.

The temperature chart evaluate
The analysis of the monthly table takes practice, as the temperature line, either before, during, or after ovulation proceeds evenly. Rather, it formed a zigzag pattern. This increases abruptly by up to 0.5 degrees and remains high for several days, ovulation has occurred. This higher temperature level is maintained until the onset of the new cycle. The day of ovulation is approximately 14 days prior to expected start of menstruation.

Since sperm are viable for up to three days, the fertile period begins four days before the temperature rise and ends two days later. Then the infertile period.

For many women - not all - the temperature drops during ovulation and lowest on the eve of a high temperature increases their level. If you notice a sudden drop to about 0.10 or 0.15 level, you should have safe transport. For you and your partner does the temperature drop, that you now have the best chance of conception.

The daily temperature variations are low and to evaluate properly the temperature table, must first help your doctor if necessary. It takes a little practice. The more regular your cycle is, the clearer it will emerge but a monthly recurring pattern. After two or three rounds can be distinguished from infertile phases and fertile well - important for the baby planning forecasts as well.

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