The condom is one of the mechanical contraceptives, which form a barrier to sperm, thus avoiding that they can reach a viable egg. Other well-known name for the condom are Präserativ, condoms or even rubber.
The designation as a rubber fits well with the material from which this contraceptive method is established. It is to thin rubber or latex.

The most important characteristics of a condom are that it is tear resistant and impermeable. These quality characteristics are reviewed regularly by the manufacturers of condoms.

The use of a condom is pretty simple, but requires some finesse. Already open the container caution should be exercised so that the condom is not damaged by a fingernail or a ring. be withdrawn before putting the condom on the rigid link, the foreskin, if the man is not already circumcised.

Bear in mind is that the front protrudes a small tip, which serves to hold the semen. This is once compressed, so that any air can escape from the condom.

After that the condoms will be unrolled, which is used at best the whole hand. If the condom is unrolled so that the rubber ring almost disappears in the pubic hair and it sits tight, no sperm come out of him, so that it is meeting its prevention function.

Caution is however necessary for the ejaculation. Since the limb relaxed after orgasm, and thus the safe seat of the condom is not guaranteed, it must be drawn very quickly from its sheath. This has the ring of Präserativs be recorded so that it is not stripped off in the vagina and no semen discharged into it.

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