Basal body temperature method

Temperature method basal body temperature or the temperature method, also called basal body temperature is one of the methods of natural family planning. Using this method, the fertile days are determined by the woman. Ovulation is determined by the morning body temperature. In the first half of the cycle, the body temperature is rather low. Within 48 hours after ovulation the temperature rises by about 0.3 to 0.6 degrees. It remains to increased shortly before the next menstrual period. The Pearl index of the temperature method is 1 to 10


Mrs. measures each morning before getting up their body temperature, either in the mouth,
vagina or anus. It does not matter in which the aforementioned body openings, the temperature is measured, it is important to measure in the same place with the same thermometer. Within a cycle, the measurement location can not be changed. It would be ideal to measure body temperature every morning at the same time. Well comparable results provide digital thermometer that can measure the body temperature to exactly two decimal places. The value is entered in a graph. Unprotected sexual intercourse is permitted only on the days after ovulation, that is usually two days after the temperature rise. Watch Before using this method, women their bodies for months and know their learning cycle.


This method does not burden the body. Woman can get to know better by the way her body.


Used alone, this method is not very secure. The daily temperature measurement requires much discipline. The method must be learned before it is used as a contraceptive method. Various factors such as disease, mood swings, stress, lack of sleep or greater alcohol consumption can affect the morning temperature, leading to incorrect results. This method is not suitable for young girls because their cycles often not regular. The temperature method does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

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