Sex after birth? Take your time!

What is different after giving birth?

After a birth, not only changes the female body, but the entire life of the woman and the partner. In women, the uterus shrinks, simultaneously, blood and mucus excreted (lochia). After six to eight weeks, the uterus has formed back to its former shape and size. Any cuts or wounds heal. The hormone balance is adjusted to the new circumstances. The effort of the birth, the newborn care, older siblings and not enough sleep fatigue many women. They often take little time or energy on to her partner, which can strain the relationship very much.
Further support is if the parents are able to understand at this time as a unit that has the same objective.

When you can after the birth have sex?

Sexual intercourse after the birth can be resumed as soon as it is fun again and no complaints are present. The lochia should be dry. Since breast-feeding does not protect against a new pregnancy, the prevention considerations are more complex and discuss together. Recommended such as the condom appears or progestin preparations, which do not affect the flow of milk. Non-breastfeeding mothers can e.g. the insertion of the beginning of the period with the pill. With them is six to eight weeks after the expected delivery of the first menstruation.

When the desire is to sex again?

There is no limit of normal or a defined point in time when the appetite for sex, especially on sexual re-established. This depends on many external and internal factors and of course the partnership. In most cases, initially covers the closeness between mother and child, woman's needs for contact and affection from. Many women have little desire to after the birth of sexuality. You often feel tired, drained and listless and take in its true female role diminished. Dissatisfaction with body image can suppress feelings of pleasure. Other women feel after giving birth very powerful. They experience themselves are attractive and the performance they have achieved, proud. They enjoy breastfeeding and erotic situations often experience more enjoyable exercise than before the pregnancy.

Sexuality after childbirth

is the absence of birth-related complaints it anymore no medical restrictions on sexuality.

A birth changed the life of a woman and a partnership fundamentally. Impact it has mostly to sexuality. Thus offers a serious change in the chance to meet new in the sexual community. Preferences, the pre-pregnancy and birth may have changed. It is important to carefully and cautiously explore new and their own needs and desires with those of the partner's re-tune. For most couples, it is initially difficult to establish intimacy, especially as one ear is usually geared towards children. A change in thinking that not only undisturbed sex is equated with good sex can relax such a situation.

Sexuality does not mean sex.
It includes heat, proximity, common understanding and tenderness, caressing, cuddling or petting. Also supports this type of donation in our own perception of the role as a woman or man, which sexual desire can be supported. These forms of sexuality can be lived, if a little trouble maker and reports required under the breast or bottle. Hormonal shortly after delivery, it may cause interference of lubrication (wet to the vagina) can occur. With a bit of lubricant or saliva can be easily remedied this problem.

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