3 Steps To Help With Bedwetting

For some households, bedwetting is a huge undertaking. It seems like it takes forever to get all the kids on the same page to stay dry all night.

The fact is, that bedwetting can come naturally for most children by about age five or six. It’s just that not all parents wish to wait that long.

So, if you feel it’s time to start getting your little one to go through the night in his undies rather than a diaper, here are three steps that can help you begin the process.

1. Talk About It

This is definitely an area that shouldn’t be sprung upon your kiddies.

Create a plan and a timeline and start introducing the idea to your little one a couple of weeks ahead of time.

You can read stories on the topic to help ease your child into it and you should visit the GoodNites web page for helpful articles and tips given by other parents who have already gone through the process or who are going through it now just like your family is.

The key is to let your child in on the fact that you think they’re old enough to begin the process of staying dry at night. Tell them how going to the bathroom before bed will become part of their normal routine and you expect accidents but you also expect that they try their hardest as well.

2. Invest In A Waterproof Mattress Pad

If you don’t, then say hello to a smelly, stained mattress.

These days, waterproof pads for bedding are cheap to come by and very readily available at your local superstores.

3. Don’t Get Upset

Realize right away that helping your child achieve staying dry all night will be no easy task.

There will be plenty of accidents and changing of the sheets. But do know that you’re not alone in your quest.

Countless others have been exactly where your family is now and they have gotten through it.

Getting angry at your child will only make them feel inferior in their actions in trying to stay dry. Instead of criticizing, give them positive reinforcements and lots of love.

Before you know it, your little one will be a master at staying dry throughout the night.

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