Fetal Movement During Pregnancy

If this is your first pregnancy, then everything is so new to you that it’s easy to over-think and over-analyze everything. But regardless of how many pregnancies you’ve gone through, every mother enjoys feeling their baby move about in their tummies. Let’s take a look at fetal movement throughout each trimester so you can know better what to expect.

First Trimester Fetal Movement

Because it’s so early on in your pregnancy, feeling your baby move around won’t be something that you’ll experience just yet. The tiny embryo is about the size of a grain of rice, and is safe and sound deep within your uterine walls. It won’t be until the second semester that you mamas-to-be will be feeling any movement.

Second Trimester Fetal Development

Anywhere from the twelve week mark is when moms have reported starting to feel faint flutters and movement from their developing baby. Because every woman and developing child is different, it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when you will start to feel your baby’s movements. But since your baby is growing rapidly – twelve weeks may be your time or it could be as late as twenty weeks until you feel some kicks and jabs. Once you recognize the feeling of your baby’s movements, you’ll be amazed at how awesome the whole experience is.

Third Trimester Fetal Development

By your third trimester, your child’s space is beginning to get cramped. Every movement that your little one makes will be felt in some context so expect jabs to the ribs, frequent bathroom trips, and circus-like kicking. However, it’s important to remember that our babies are unique – therefore, no two shall move alike within utero. Some babies will move frequently while others will be more relaxed and content to just hang out until it’s time to meet the world head on.
  • Always remember that at any point during your pregnancy, if your child’s fetal movement is a concern to you, contact your doctor right away.
  • If you haven’t felt your baby move as much as you think you should and even if you just feel something may not be right – always be proactive about your pregnancy and stay in close contact with your doctor. No concern is too small when it involves your growing family.

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