Choosing A High Quality, Effective Prenatal Vitamin

Pregnancy is a special time for mom and baby. Eating for two can sometimes become a complex undertaking as requirements for most nutrients are higher during pregnancy and lactation. Since most women are not able to meet those increased nutritional needs through diet alone, health care professionals recommend a daily prenatal multivitamin during conception, pregnancy, and lactation … but not all prenatal vitamins are equal and offer a woman convenience, ease, assurance and quality. Choosing the right prenatal multivitamin that nurtures you and baby is crucial. So is making a commitment to taking it every day, even when you are breastfeeding! Here are some tips that make navigating the store aisles a bit easier so you can make a better choice.

Look for these key nutrients for a healthy pregnancy

Folate/Folic Acid: Increased intake of this B vitamin during pregnancy has a well-established role in reducing the risk of neural tube defects.

B Vitamins: In addition to Folate/Folic Acid, the other B vitamins are also important for proper nervous system development. B6 supplementation has also been shown to safely and effectively decrease nausea.

Vitamin A: This fat-soluble vitamin is key for embryonic growth and the development of the circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems.

Iron: This mineral is essential for the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and for the development of the brain and nervous system during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are at a higher risk of being deficient in this essential micronutrient, which plays important roles in brain and nervous system development.

Vitamin D: Because evidence indicates that the current recommendations of 200-600 I.U. daily may not be adequate for optimum maternal and infant health, I recommend choosing a daily prenatal vitamin that contains at least 800 IU Vitamin D3.

Replace the standard, large prenatal pill with an effervescent multivitamin drink

Many of my patients experience nausea, sensitive palates, and difficulties swallowing pills, and/or keeping pills down while pregnant—which makes taking the prenatal vitamins they crucially need especially challenging. That’s why I recommend an effervescent prenatal multivitamin instead of traditional pill-form prenatal vitamins. You simply add the effervescent powder to a glass of water or juice and stir to create a tasty sparkling drink that provides the nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy. An added benefit is that drinking an effervescent prenatal multivitamin everyday also helps women stay hydrated during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Effervescence also delivers nutrients more effectively than pills. Many of us do not break down pills efficiently. But unlike pills, an effervescent drink does not need to be broken down by stomach acids in order to be absorbed—delivering better absorption (and therefore better results) than pills.

Oxylent and the American Pregnancy Association

Vitalah is a corporate sponsor of the American Pregnancy Association and looks to support women and families with an effervescence prenatal vitamin. This prenatal provides an option to swallowing the larger pills by delivering your vitamins in a drinkable form. There is no sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine or artificial additives of any kind.

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